Cascade: Jewel Matching Adventure




Clear the board by matching colorful gems



If you enjoy games of skill, Cascade: Jewel Matching Adventure is a game for all audiences where you can complete dozens of puzzle-filled levels. Download this fun adventure and make it through the levels by finding the best solution to all of the game’s problems.

Cascade: Jewel Matching Adventure's gameplay seems simple, but you need practice to really get it down. The game’s board is split into two sides—one where you find gems in a random order, and a lower bar, where you place the pieces. Each of the bar’s columns must be in the column where it belongs, which means that you can’t put a gem in the wrong place.

To send every gem to the right place, you need to make sure that you come up with a combination that connects your option to the rest of the pieces on the board. There must be a combo of three or more of the same elements. Put your gem between two jewels of the same color, or with several matching ones. Once the matches that you make disappear, new pieces appear at random and you need to play these in the coming turns.

In Cascade: Jewel Matching Adventure you can create elements that make it easier for you to eliminate gems and find the best solution for every piece. Earn tons of points in every game, and climb the player rankings until you make it to the top.